Helping you be different.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
~ Steve Jobs


Providing friendly expertise.

"Friendly people are caring people, eager to provide encouragement and support when needed most."
~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Doing good and doing right.

"Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it."
~ Carrie Underwood


Working within your budget.

"The American people want economic prosperity, high-quality goods and low prices, all of which I support."
~ John Linder

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What I Do Best

I help southern New Hampshire’s service-driven small businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed at identifying and deploying strategic marketing opportunities. Innovative thinking and friendly professionalism allow me to help each client control brand growth and improve their work/life balance.

My top priority is offering my clients a great experience; therefore, I maintain fair rates, continue developing my knowledge and skills, look ahead for relevant industry news and changes, and frequently give back to the community.

Service Specialties

These are the marketing services that I offer small businesses and nonprofits.

Strategic Planning

B2B Marketing
B2C Marketing
Content Marketing
Direct Marketing
Proximity Marketing
Social Media Marketing

List Building


Direct Response

Direct Mail
Email Marketing


Social Media

For more details, please see my rates.

"Quite frankly, I was extremely impressed with the results of the B2B effort for the Webster House. We have been looking for a strong blueprint to help us focus going forward and the goods were more than delivered on this project."

Lou Catano / Webster House / Manchester, NH

"We felt that this presentation was top notch, and appreciated the level of detail including in the printed documents. The project went above and beyond, by providing actual contact names for us, and researching other options for our newsletter to keep costs down. This is the type of customer service we hoped for."

Jessica Pappathan / Aviation Museum of New Hampshire / Manchester, NH

You can build more powerful business than you think.

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