I Help Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

I help service-driven small businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed at identifying and deploying strategic marketing opportunities. Innovative thinking and friendly professionalism allow me to help each client control brand growth and improve their work/life balance.

My top priority is offering my clients a great experience; therefore, I maintain fair rates, continue developing my knowledge and skills, look ahead for relevant industry news and changes, and frequently give back to the community.

My ideal clients are small businesses and nonprofits that want to learn how to raise awareness, increase revenue, create a strong brand, and, of course, get more customers. They have small budgets and big goals, too. My clients love what they do, as well as why they do it. If this sounds like you, let’s talk over coffee about what we can do together.

For more than ten years, I have helped small business owners and nonprofit leaders create tactics that produce grand results. Through guerrilla marketing strategies and smart targeting, your return on investment can reach impressive heights without spending a fortune. That being said, it’s not magic; great results require consistency and hard work.

My Certifications

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