Value for customers: how to create it for your small business

Value For Customers: How To Create It For Your Small Business

The Challenge: John owns a specialty sporting goods store. He believes that his store could offer exceptional customer value. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to create value for customers to compete with the big box sporting goods stores. John wants to learn more about creating value for customers and educating his customers […]

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Social Hashtags for Every Day of the Week

Social Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week

Hashtags are most used by brands on Twitter and Instagram. You can sometimes see them elsewhere, too, like the following social networks. Facebook Google+ Pinterest Tumblr YouTube Trending hashtags change often—multiple times a day. We face a challenge. It has been proven by numerous research studies, such as those mentioned in a 2015 blog post […]

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Three Effective Sales Strategies

3 Effective Sales Strategies

Sales are often split into two types: transactional selling and consultative selling (relationship selling). Both types offer value and are necessary to your brand’s success. I’ll break these down for you. It may help to think about transactional selling as “one–off” selling. Another sale from this customer is not expected shortly, if ever. Because of […]

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