My rates allow me to offer affordable strategic marketing consulting services for the small business owner and nonprofit leader.


Here are my rates as they compare to a nearby competitor.

Mine Competitor’s
Standard Rate Custom rates $150 per hour
One-to-One Training $100 per hour Not available

Sample Custom Project

Projects are priced by the project to fit your budget.

Client Budget: $2,000.00

Hrs / Qty My Price Competitor Price
Meetings (hrs) 2 Included in price $300.00
Research (hrs) 5 Included in price 750.00
Strategy Development (hrs) 5 Included in price 750.00
Tactic Development (hrs) 5 Included in price 750.00
Content Organization (hrs) 0.5 Included in price 75.00
Deliverable Development (hrs) 4 Included in price 600.00
Presentation (hrs) 1.5 Included in price 225.00
Flash Drives with Digital Files (qty) 1 FREE* not included
Print Copies (qty) 1 FREE* not included
Total Price $1,851.20 $3,450.00
*The free quantity of tangible goods is project-specific. Additional copies are available to you at cost.
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Low Rates and High Quality

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Quality is the focus of my work for you. What I do best is strategic planning and I don’t claim to do everything else. Instead, I help you create strategies and tactics that lead to your success. I train you on various marketing skills, like list-building, social media management, and analytics. Then, I help you build partnerships with people who specialize in the skills that you need help with, such as web and graphic design, copywriting, and advertising.

I am here to help and advise you, not to take from you. My low rates are a direct result of my strategy to provide you with a competitive advantage. This business model, in fact, holds many benefits for you.

  • Our meetings are held at places convenient to you.
  • You only pay for the services that you need.
  • Affordable rates let you do more with your money.
  • I only give you the best of my skills.
  • Strategic partners take you to the next level.
  • You remain in control of everything.
  • No client is more important than you.
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Fair and Simple Agreements

Fair business practice requires contracts and my contracts are fair and simple to digest.

Before entering a contract, you will receive a price quote for the work to be done. Contracts for services with a total amount of $3,000 or more require a deposit. Project estimates less than $3,000 do not require a deposit. When using deposits, the fee is half of the quoted price and is due before work starts. Together with quoted prices, required deposits are addressed in the contract.

The meat of the contract protects your resources, strategies, and tactics. It ensures that I will not disclose information provided for the sole purpose of completing the job. Another agreed term is that I will not steal your customers nor share details of the completed project. In short, it guards your privacy.

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